Child Care

Christ United Methodist Child Care Center is a weekday component of the Children's Ministry of Christ United Methodist Church. The Church helps to provide a high quality environment for the children.

We are excited to announce changes to our security, facility and programming for the 2012-2013 school year, click here to learn more.

The Center has four components:

Child care is not a static field, it is constantly growing and responding to the needs of the children and the community. That is where we excel – in identifying what is needed while never forgetting that children require, first and foremost, a place to feel safe, secure and loved.


  • Day Care Director - Jane Harrison, 412-854-4310, x203 or
  • Nursery School Director - Nancy Osman, 412-854-4310, x202 or
  • Finance Manager - Carol Roth, 412-854-4310, x204, 

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